BTT Remote

BTT Remote is a great universal iPhone/iPad app which allows you to remote control your Mac (on which BetterTouchTool has to be installed)

BetterTouchTool is the software you need to have installed on your Mac (also you need to be running Mac OS X 10.7 or greater!):

Download BetterTouchTool (Trial)

BTT Remote is the app you need to have on your iPhone/iPad. It's available for free in the App Store and all functionality can be unlocked with an in-app purchase.

Great Remote Control

After setting up some actions in BetterTouchTool you can remote control your Mac from BTT Remote on your iPhone or iPad. You can define actions for almost any app on your Mac. E.g. trigger arbitrary keyboard shortcuts, or use an action of the ever growing list of predefined actions.

You can even assign icons to each action that will show up on your iPhone/iPad!

Built-In Trackpad

The trackpad is an important part of the BTT Remote. It supports inertial two finger scrolling , and even inertial cursor movement (which allows you to move the cursor fluidly over long distances with just a little swipe)

You can also configure scrolling by swiping on the edges of the trackpad, or scrolling after a long tap.

You can navigate your history by scrolling left / right (in most browsers) or by using a three finger swipe.

Zoom your Macs screen with a two finger pinch

Optionally automatically increase the mouse cursor size, so you are able to see it while remotely moving it e.g. from your couch

Access almost any apps menubar

Even if you haven't configured any actions in BetterTouchTool, you can always access the menubar of any app you want.

This allows you to take almost full control over the apps running on your Mac. Wanna set the aspect ratio in your media player? - Shouldn't be a problem by accessing it's menubar. Want to send your Mac sleeping? - No problem.

Built-In keyboard

Use your iPhone keyboard to type text on your Mac! Or even use the iPhones dictation features to dictate text to your Mac :-)

BTT Remote also allows you to access most of the special keys on your Macs keyboard. You can hit the play/pause/previous/next keys remotely, change the volume, the brightness of your screens (internal and external displays separately!) and even your keyboard brightness. Just as if you'd hit them on your Macs keyboard!

No need to stand up because you forgot to turn down the keyboard illumination or to change the volume before watching a movie anymore!

Integrated file browser / launcher

Sitting on your couch and want to watch a movie on your Mac (which may be connected to your TV)?

BTT Remote allows you to remotely browse the files on your Mac and launch them from your iPhone or iPad. You can open movies, applications, pictures etc. It's pretty intuitive to use because it basically shows you your Macs Finder sidebar. Thus all your favorite folders will show up and you can browse through them.

Super easy to use

By swiping left from anywhere in the app you can access a big trackpad, by swiping right you can access the keyboard view. It's super easy!

The iPhone version is designed to be used with only one hand, for example you can always scroll with your thumb by either swiping over the edges of the displayed trackpad, or by enabling the "long tap scrolling" in the preferences.

Works on your iPhone and iPad

You don't need to buy BTT Remote twice, it runs out of the box on your iPhone (including the iPhone 5) and your iPad (including the iPad mini). You can even connect multiple devices at the same time!

Also BTT Remote supports Landscape and Portrait view on both devices.

Access the currently running apps on your Mac

In addition to the apps you have configured in BetterTouchTool, you can always access all the currently running apps on your Mac. You can hide them, activate them, quit them access their menubar or restart them.